Aunt Sisters' Picks


Aunt Sisters have been "picking" most of their lives. It started with "pretty rocks" for our Grandaddy who bought our best ones for 50 cents each and progressed to Meemaw's attic where we discovered our Daddy's and Aunt's comic books and novels from the 1950s.

With a mother who was a real bargain hunter and thrifty grandparents, "we girls" had some interesting experiences at the warehouse bargain shoe store and the "local dump".

The real "picking" began, however, with the arrival of their children. Shopping and "picking" at consignment sales, yard sales, and thrift stores became the norm for the next 25 years.

Now that we're no longer always looking for the necessities , it's become much more fun just to "pick" something that looks fun, cool, interesting or has possibilities. We hope you have fun looking at our "picks" and that you'll find something that is the right "pick" for you.